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 Rules of Character Creation

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PostSubject: Rules of Character Creation   Rules of Character Creation I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2018 10:16 pm

Greetings Trainer, and welcome to the Pokemon World!

Oh wait... you don't exist yet. You are just a wink in your fathers eye.

Well, let's fix that, by letting you know the guidelines of how to create your character!


-All starting trainers are level three, who may start with a level ten starting pokemon of their choice. Starting pokemon must be underdogs, with at least an evolution.

-Trainers must be children between the age of 10-16, and can have any backstory you like, as long as it involves them getting into the LaRousse Junior Trainer Academy program through some means.

-Each trainer starts with 5,000 pokedollars.

-Only content from the player's handbook is allowed, with the following exceptions from Do Porygon Dream of Mareep.
Modern Age Gear (DPDM PG 41-42)
Pokeball Cases and Accesories (DPDM PG 44-45)
Jailbreaker Class (DPDM PG 82-83)

-The character you play must have a vested interest in becoming a pokemon trainer of some kind, and should not be evil, or have ulterior motives. They can be mean, they can be rival material, but they should in the end like, respect, or appreciate the power of pokemon and fit in the setting. If they don't feel like a character that could be a protagonist, member of the protagonists party, or their rival, they are likely not a good fit.

-This is a harder rule to enforce, but please keep your builds reasonable. This campaign is not looking to Min/Max, we are looking to have fun and play as if we had the chance to be trainers ourselves. Gimmicky builds and the such will be disallowed, and is up to a Judges discretion.

Before creating your character, it is recommended you read the other rules, as they affect pokemon and features you may be picking.

Besides these things, have fun!


IGN: (Your Roll20 Username)
Age: (10-16)
Gender: (Oak needs to know.)
Alignment: (Are they a protagonist, rival? Do they lean towards law or being reckless?)



Pictures, theme music, other fluff:

Link to viewable character sheet:
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Rules of Character Creation
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