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 Changes to established Pokemon

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Changes to established Pokemon Empty
PostSubject: Changes to established Pokemon   Changes to established Pokemon I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2018 10:38 pm

Some pokemon are too powerful to start with, have abilities that can hurt the game or evolve in ways inconsistent with the rest of the game. These house rules are intended to fix these issues.


-Pokemon with burrow are not able to be mounted while they are burrowing.
This is specifically targeted at one pokemon, Onix. Who has Mountable 5 and an insane burrow speed, who is essentially an escape rope on a stick for most parties. This removes any threat of danger from encounters, and is therefore unhealthy for the campaign. Plus the logistics of riding pokemon like Onix and burrowing just doesn't make sense.

-Riolu now requires level 20 on top of having loyalty 3 in order to evolve. This prevents starting with a Riolu and having a stage 2 pokemon too close to the start of the campaign. Lucario upon leveling up at 20, if it does so at 20, will be given the option to learn Me First, the move it misses out on because of this change.

-Pokemon with Wired now must make opposed Tech Ed rolls against the person who designed the device they are entering or the person who last created the security of said device. This does not apply to non-computerized devices that Rotom would poses for it's basic forms.

-Eggsecute now also has a minimum level of 20 to evolve in addition to requiring a stone.
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Changes to established Pokemon
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